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Recent controlled trials involving over 1000 women demonstrate that the presence of a Labor Assistant results in:

50% decrease in cesarean sections

60% decrease in use of epidurals

25% decrease in length of labor

30% decrease in use of forceps

40% decrease in use of oxytocin

30% decrease in use of narcotics

Compiled from Mothering the Mother, by MH Klaus, Kennell and Klaus, 1993
Support in labor from a Doula also:
  • enhances maternal/infant bonding
  • increases positive feelings about labor
  • increases self-esteem
  • increases feelings of control
  • increases mothers cooperation and participation
  • improves breastfeeding
  • decreases anxiety
  • decreases tension
  • decreases neonatal problem
  • decreases postpartum depression

"Birth is not an emergency. It is simply an emergence."

-Jeannine Parvati Baker

"Let me note that if I had told you today about a new medication or a new electronic device that would reduce problems of fetal asphyxia and the progress of labor by two thirds, cut labor length by one half, and enhance mother-infant interaction after delivery, I expect that there would be a stampede to obtain this new medication or device in every obstetric unit in the United States, no matter what the cost. Just because the supportive companion makes good common sense does not decrease its importance."
-Dr. John Kennell